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Mars Lasar is a German-born keyboardist and composer, raised in Australia. Predominantly new-age, his music also contains elements of electronica, jazz, pop, world, and rock. Lasar's music has appeared on television and in films: one notable example is music from his first album, Olympus,[1][2] being used for CBS's coverage of the Olympic Games. He has also worked with other artists including Seal, Herbie Hancock, Jon Stevens, John Sykes, and t.A.T.u.. Many of his album covers feature his own artwork.

Discography [3][edit]

Eleventh Hour Series[edit]

year title label notes
1993 11.01 - The Eleventh Hour
1998 11.02
2000 11.03 - When Worlds Collide
2004 11.04 - Panorama
2005 11.22 - Arrival
2008 11.05 - Revival

Nature Series[edit]

year title label notes
1996 Olympic National Park
2006 Yosemite Valley of the Giants
2009 Tahoe Spirit

World Series[edit]

year title label notes
2003 Karma
2013 AfterWorld

New Age[edit]

year title label notes
1992 Olympus
1995 Escape
2000 Blue Maze
2003 Nocturnal Diaries
2007 At the End of the Day

Solo Piano[edit]

year title label notes
1998 Sapphire Dreams
2011 Piano Moods From Mars
2015 Piano Moods From Mars 2

Eclectic / Chill[edit]

year title label notes
2017 Utopia


year title label notes
2003 Final Frontier
2010 Final Frontier 2


year title label notes
2000 Big Box
2007 Vertical Velocity
2010 Organized Chaos
2010 Organized Chaos 2
2012 Organized Chaos 3


year title label notes
2001 Christmas From Mars
2007 Christmas From Mars Lasar - A Star is Born featuring Cadence

Mindscape and BabyScape Series[edit]

year title label notes
1996 Fields of Gold - Vol I
1996 Moonlight - Vol II
1996 Satin Skies - Vol III
1996 BabyScapes
2009 8 Minute MindScapes - compilation


year title label notes
2003 Collaborations
2008 Exotic Intimacy
2008 Total Intimacy
2008 Romantic Collection
2008 Grooves From Mars
2008 Grooves From Mars 2
2009 In-Flight Metro
2009 In-Flight Relax
2010 Jog
2016 Jazz From Mars


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