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Marshall Vian Summers
Born (1949-01-28) January 28, 1949 (age 68)
Berkeley, California, US
Occupation Prophet, Religious leader, Spiritual teacher
Language English
Nationality American
Period 1983–
Subject Spirituality, Exotheology, Prophecy, Extraterrestrial life, Destiny, Purpose in life, Relationship, Inner peace
Notable awards ForeWord Magazine's Spirituality Book of the Year
1999 Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing
IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Award for Spirituality
1997 Wisdom from The Greater Community: Volume II, The Greater Community Book of Teachings
The New Message from God

Marshall Vian Summers (born January 28, 1949)[1] is the central figure among a movement calling itself the Worldwide Community of people of the New Message from God.[2] His seminal books constitute the beliefs of this new religious movement and are categorized as warnings of extreme change[3] and outside threat,[4] spiritual blessing,[5] and preparation.[6] He is perhaps best known [7] for his The Allies of Humanity trilogy.

Biography and beliefs[edit]

Summers was initially brought up in an Episcopalian family.[8] He asserts that since the 1980s, he has spent thousands of hours of direct contact with "Unseen Ones," whom he portrays as an angelic presence assigned to watch over the Earth,[9] with transcriptions of their communication.[10] These transcriptions amassing greater than 9,000 pages comprise the self-described "New Message from God," which posits a time of impending dire crisis for humanity—on the threshold of emergence into a highly competitive Greater Community of intelligent life,[11] yet socially dissolute and environmentally compromised:[12]

I am not a guru, saint or avatar. I am a messenger with a vital message for the people of the world. I have come to speak about the reality of life in the Greater Community and the greater spiritual understanding we must cultivate if we are to advance and remain free in the presence of greater forces within our midst. This is why I am here and this is what I have to teach.

— Marshall Vian Summers[13]

The New Message from God[edit]

The New Message from God, a new religious movement from the United States, originates from the teachings and pronouncements of Summers, who is called "The Messenger."[14] Summers and his adherents represent that he is a prophet on the order of the Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad,[15] in receipt of a revelation over a period of 30 years[16] which he has recorded on tape [17] and which, transcribed, approaches ten thousand pages.[18] Key components of this 'revelation', attributed to 'divine sources',[19] include warnings of an incursion upon Earth called the Intervention,[20] and pronouncements about the future involving global upheaval[21] and interaction between the human race and extraterrestrials which, Summers claims, are from "the Greater Community."[22]

To promote these 'revelations', in 1992 Summers founded The Society for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge, trading as The Society for the New Message from God, a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit organization which is both publisher of Summers' books and recordings and a religious order. The New Message Sanctuary in Boulder, Colorado, USA, a gathering place for The Society, broadcasts services via the Internet[23] and since 2012 has presented its materials on line as part of a free school claiming 2,352 participants from 104 nations.[24]


Of Summers' books, thirteen are commercially available and three more are available directly from his organization, which plans to produce his entire body of work in a multi-volume set.[25]

With the exception of The Allies of Humanity Books One, Two and Three,[26] Summers claims that his writings come through him from a divine source; they are first spoken and recorded, then transcribed and published.[27]



The following books are available exclusively from the publisher, New Knowledge Library:

  • Relationships and Higher Purpose[28]
  • Living the Way of Knowledge: Building the Foundation for Becoming a Man or Woman of Knowledge in an Emerging World
  • Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training (1998) ISBN 978-1-884238-83-3 (after two complete cycles of the first level of training)

Online writings and recordings[edit]

The Society for the New Message from God has made the following books available on line in English at no cost, with some online translations available as noted hereunder.

  • Life in the Universe[29]
  • The Great Waves of Change[30]
  • Steps to Knowledge[31]
  • The Allies of Humanity[32]
  • Greater Community Spirituality[33]
  • God Has Spoken Again'[34]
  • The One God[35]
  • The New Messenger[36]

Many more of the New Message from God teachings are on line, both in written form and in the original audio recordings, which are available both for streaming and downloading free of charge.[37] In these recordings, the alleged Angelic Presence can be heard speaking through Marshall Vian Summers.[38]

The Society's periodic webcasts and other videos are available on line.[39]


The New Message has been translated from English into 21 other languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Persian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Kiswahili, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.[40]

  • Steps to Knowledge into Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Italian, German, and Persian.[41]
  • The Allies of Humanity into French, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian, and Greek.[42]


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