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Coordinates: 27°51′29″N 84°33′33″E / 27.85806°N 84.55917°E / 27.85806; 84.55917 (Marshyangdi River)

Marsyangdi valley near Pisang (4518299825).jpg
Country Nepal
Physical characteristics
River mouth Trishuli

The Marshyangdi (or Marsyangdi) (Nepali: मर्स्याङ्दी, marśyāṅdī) is a mountain river in Nepal. Its length is about 150 kilometres.

The Marshyangdi begins at the confluence of two mountain rivers, the Khangsar Khola and Jharsang Khola, northwest of the Annapurna massif at an altitude of 3600 meters near Manang village. The Marshyangdi flows eastward through Manang District and then southward through Lamjung District.

The Marshyangdi joins the Trishuli near Mugling as one of its tributaries.

The beginning of the Annapurna Circuit trekking route follows the Marshyangdi river valley.[1]

Marshyangdi river near Pisang village


1. Khangsar River
2. Jharsang River
3. Dordi River
4. Paudi River
5. Chapa River
6. Chundi River
7. Daraudi
The Marshyangdi joins the Trishuli near Mugling.