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Martha Soukup (born 20 July 1959 in Aurora, Illinois)[1] is a Nebula award-winning and Hugo award-nominated science fiction author, and playwright for the Monday Night PlayGround emerging playwrights group. In 2003, she won their annual June Anne Baker Prize commission.

The 1994 short film Override, directed by Danny Glover, was based on her short story "Over the Long Haul".

She attended the Clarion science fiction writing workshop in 1985, with such other emerging SF talents as Robert J. Howe, Geoffrey A. Landis, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, William Shunn, and Mary Turzillo.

She lives in San Francisco, California.


  • Rosemary's Brain: And Other Tales of Wonder (1992)
Wildside Press - ISBN 1-880448-08-4
With introduction by John Gregory Betancourt.
  • Arbitrary Placement of Walls (1997)
Dreamhaven Books - ISBN 0-9630944-9-1 (Hardback) - ISBN 0-9630944-8-3 (Paperback)
Contains the Nebula-award winning story "A Defense of the Social Contracts". With introduction by Neil Gaiman.


  • Upon seeing a review in which someone said that Martha Soukup was one of the most discussed authors, friend Neil Gaiman wrote a poem for her, in which the entire world (and a few beings in outer space) talk of nothing but Martha Soukup: "It's Martha this and Martha that and Martha Soukup said, and if you cannot talk of Martha, then you might as well be dead.", which he read at his "Live at the Aladdin" show. The poem can be found in Gaiman's introduction to her collection "The Arbitrary Placement of Walls."

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