Martinolich Shipbuilding Company

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Martinolich Shipbuilding Company
Founded 1905
Defunct 1974
Headquarters Dockton, Washington, San Francisco

The Martinolich Shipbuilding Company was founded in the early 1900s by John Martinolich (1877-1960), an immigrant from Croatia.

Course of business[edit]

The company's original shipyard was at Dockton, Washington, but later expanded to other locations. The company was active from 1904 to 1974 and built many vessels.

Among the earlier vessels built by the company were the wooden propeller steamers Vashon (1905), Verona (1910), Nisqually (later renamed Astorian) and Calista, both built in 1911, Florence J. (1914), F.G. Reeves, (1916), Vashona (later renamed Sightseer) (1921), and the ferry Whidby (1923).[1]


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