Marvell Software Solutions Israel

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Purchased by Marvell Technology Group
Industry Technology
Founded 1998
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Key people
CEO: Yuval Cohen
Ex-CEO: Jacob Zanke
Products Networking
Number of employees

Marvell Software Solutions Israel, known as RADLAN Computer Communications Limited before 2007, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marvell Technology Group, that specializes in local area network (LAN) technologies.


The RADLAN's core technology, Open and Portable Embedded Networking System (OpENS), provided IP-routed core software coupled with customizable management application, development environment and testing tools.

RADLAN's product lines are divided into three areas of development:

  • Intelligent Intranet Switching;
  • Intranet Accelerator Engines;
  • Intelligent Network Services.

Corporate history[edit]

The company was founded in 1998 as a spin-off from RND, which was founded by brothers Yehuda and Zohar Zisapel. RND was also the product of a spin-off, from the Zisapel brothers' RAD Group. Eventually, RND was split into two companies - Radware and RADLAN.

The company is located in Petach-tikva's technological park called Ezorim

Yuval Cohen replaced Jacob Zankel as chief executive in late 2006.

Marvell takeover[edit]

On February 2003, the integrated circuit (IC) designer Marvell Technology Group closed the deal to acquire RADLAN Computer Communications for $49.7 million in cash and shares.[1]

California-based Marvell said it would incorporate its mixed-signal ICs with RADLAN's networking infrastructure drivers, interfaces and software modules to make improved networking communications products like routers. Currently, Marvell's product lineup includes read channels (which convert analog data from a magnetic disk into digital data for computing), preamplifiers, and Ethernet switch controllers and transceivers.

On May 2007 Radlan was officially renamed to Marvell Software Solutions Israel (MSSI), to complete the integration into Marvell.[2]


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