Marxist Party

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Marxist Party
Leader Gerry Healy
Spokesperson Vanessa Redgrave
Founded 1987
Dissolved 2004
Split from Workers' Revolutionary Party
Succeeded by Peace and Progress Party
Headquarters London
Newspaper The Marxist
Ideology Marxism
International affiliation ICFI

The Marxist Party was a tiny Trotskyist political party in the United Kingdom. It was formed as a split from Sheila Torrance's Workers' Revolutionary Party in 1987 by Gerry Healy and supporters including Vanessa and Corin Redgrave. At first, it was also known as the Workers Revolutionary Party, but it renamed itself later in the year. The party also maintained its own version of the International Committee of the Fourth International, although this was moribund by the late 1990s.

After the death of Healy in 1989, the party declined, and in 1990 expelled a group which became the Communist League.

The group, which called for support for the Liberal Democrats in the 2001 UK general election, published The Marxist magazine. They also famously owned Trotsky's death mask.[citation needed]

In April 2004, the Marxist Party announced its dissolution. The Redgraves then announced the formation of a new group named the Peace and Progress Party, supporting liberal principles of human rights.

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