Communist League (UK, 1990)

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Communist League
Founded 1990
Dissolved 2005
Split from Marxist Party
Succeeded by A World to Win
Newspaper Socialist Future Review
Ideology Trotskyism

The Communist League was a small Trotskyist organisation in Britain. Better known as Movement for a Socialist Future, it split from the Marxist Party in 1990, claiming to hold more closely to the ideas of Gerry Healy, who had died the previous year. In 1994, it published a strongly positive biography of Healy, with a foreword by Ken Livingstone.[1] The same year, it founded a small international organisation, which it declared the Fifth International of Communists. It produced the magazine Socialist Future Review.

The group decided to orient itself towards the anti-capitalist movement and published a book entitled A World to Win. In June 2005, it dissolved itself into a group calling itself A World to Win.


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