Falls Church City Public Schools

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Falls Church City Public Schools
800 W. Broad St., Ste 203
Falls Church, Virginia 22046
School type Public, school division
School board Lawrence Webb, chairman
Phil Reitinger, vice-chairman
Michael Ankuma
Justin Castillo
Erin Gill
John Lawrence
Margaret Ward
Staff 411 (as of 2016)
Grades Pre-K–12
Enrollment 2,685 (September 30, 2016)
Area Falls Church, Virginia

Falls Church City Public Schools (FCCPS) is an independent public school division that serves students who live in the Washington, D.C. suburb of the City of Falls Church, Virginia as well as tuition students who live outside the city limits. The school division's four, now five in 2015, schools served 2,415 students in the 2013-2014 school year.[1] The on-time graduation rate is 97 percent.[1] The 2013 SAT score average was 1764.[1]

Of the now five schools in the FCCPS system, only one, Mt. Daniel Elementary School, is located outside the city boundaries in neighboring Fairfax County.[citation needed] Previously two other schools were outside the city's borders, but they became included when the city line was readjusted following the settlement of a dispute with the county over the City's water system.[2]

The FCCPS officially became an independent school system on June 27, 1949, when the Virginia Board of Education authorized its separation from the Fairfax County school system. Falls Church had obtained the enabling legislation to form an independent city in the year before, in 1948.


  • Jesse Thackery Preschool (Pre-school)
  • Mount Daniel School named after a street (K-1st Grade)[3]
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (Grades 2-5)[4]
  • Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, named after the sister to Harriet Henderson (Grades 6-8)[5]
  • George Mason High School (Grades 9-12)[6]

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