Masaya Department

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Departamento de Masaya
Country Nicaragua
Capital Masaya
Area 590 km2 (228 sq mi)
Population 317,500 (2005)
ISO 3166-2 NI-MS
Masaya Department in Nicaragua.svg

Masaya (Spanish pronunciation: [maˈsaʝa]) is a department in Nicaragua. It is the country's smallest department by area (590 km²) and has a population of 317,500 (2005 census). The capital is the city of Masaya. It is famous among Nicaraguan people for its nickname, "La Cuna Del Folklore" which translates to (The Cradle of Folklore). It is also the home of the Masaya Volcano, an active 635m volcano which last erupted in 2016.


  1. Catarina
  2. La Concepción
  3. Masatepe
  4. Masaya
  5. Nandasmo
  6. Nindirí
  7. Niquinohomo
  8. San Juan de Oriente
  9. Tisma

Coordinates: 11°58′N 86°06′W / 11.967°N 86.100°W / 11.967; -86.100