Mashhad derby

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Mashhad Derby
Other names Khorasan Derby
Locale Iran Mashhad, Khorasan province, Iran
Teams Aboomoslem .vs. Payam
First meeting Aboomoslem 1–2 Payam
Mashhad City League
(29 December 1985)
Next meeting Monday, 6 October 2014

The Mashhad derby (Persian: شهرآورد مشهد‎‎) also known as the Khorasan derby (Persian: داربی خراسان‎‎) is a football local derby match between the two most popular clubs from Mashhad: Aboomoslem and Payam Mashhad. Back in the 1980s and early 1990s was Iran's second most important derby after the Tehran derby. Nowadays it has lost its status to more popular derbies such as Esfahan derby, Ahvaz derby and Shiraz derby.


Historically, F.C. Aboomoslem was owned by Iran Police Force and Payam Mashhad F.C. owned by Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. As the number one and two football clubs from Mashhad fierce rivals F.C. Aboomoslem and Payam Mashhad F.C. faced each other in the big derby from 1984 until 1989 and later in 1991-1992 when competing in Mashhad Football League and Khorasan Football League. The venue for this famous derby, Takhti Stadium would fill up with fans carrying black and green banners. Majority of Payam's fans were from Tabarsi Street, while Aboomoslem's stronghold fanbase areas were Saadabad Square, Sanabad Street and Abkooh.

However, for the remainder of the 1990s destiny separated the two, as they took turns in playing in Azadegan League and Second Division. It took them until 2001 to once again play each other in the crucial derby when they faced each other in the playoff round of Division Two for promotion to Azadegan League.

In 2008, for the first time ever, both sides were playing in Iran's main league Persian Gulf Cup and thus renewed their derby encounters.


Abumoslem Wins
Payam Wins
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Season Date Home team Score Away team Home goal scorers Away goal scorers Competition Venue Attendance
1985-86 29.12.1985 Aboomoslem
Payam Yusefi (42) G.Asghari (28), H.Asghari (70) Mashhad City League Takhti Stadium [1]
1986-87 17.04.1986 Aboomoslem
Payam Hosseini(35) Mashhad City League Takhti Stadium
06.06.1986 Aboomoslem
1-1(4-5 P)
Payam Khorasan Football League Takhti Stadium
1987-88 30.05.1987 Aboomoslem
Payam Hosseini (10) Azam (15) Azam (34)(38) Rezaee (48) Akhondzadeh (20) Khorasan Football League Takhti Stadium
02.07.1987 Aboomoslem
Payam Siami (57, penalty) Mashhad City League Takhti Stadium
05.07.1988 Aboomoslem
Payam Khorasan Football League Takhti Stadium
1989-90 10.04.1990 Payam
Aboomoslem Hosseinipour Khorasan Football League Takhti Stadium
1990-91 07.09.1990 Aboomoslem
Payam Hanteh(23, penalty) Second Division 1990–91 Takhti Stadium 4,000
16.11.1990 Payam
Aboomoslem Second Division 1990–91 Takhti Stadium 2,000
15.09.1991 Payam
Aboomoslem Khorasan Football League Takhti Stadium 3,000
11.12.1991 Aboomoslem
Payam Khorasan Football League Takhti Stadium 1,500
1991-92 17.04.1991 Aboomoslem
Payam Sahebi(88) Khorasan Football League Takhti Stadium [2]
1992-93 30.12.1992 Payam
Aboomoslem Khorasan Pro League Takhti Stadium
1993-94 16.05.1993 Aboomoslem
Payam Khorasan Pro League Takhti Stadium
1995-96 04.09.1995 Payam
Aboomoslem Sahebi(5) Nazerzadeh(18), Hanteh(50) Second Division 1995-96 Takhti Stadium 6,000
08.12.1995 Aboomoslem
Payam Osiya Laghab (12) Kochakzadeh (62) Nazerzadeh (85) Izadi(78) Second Division 1995-96 Takhti Stadium 5,000
2000-01 02.03.2001 Aboomoslem
Payam Mokhtari (11), Nazerzadeh (57) Pakniat(70) Second Division 2000-01 Takhti Stadium 5,000
20.04.2001 Payam
Aboomoslem Hosseini (45) Garousi(33)(84) Second Division 2000-01 Takhti Stadium 7,000
2008-09 08.09.2008 Payam
Aboomoslem Mohammad Sahimi Friendly match Samen Stadium [3]
21.10.2008 Aboomoslem
Payam Arifi (86, penalty) Persian Gulf Cup 2008–09 Samen Stadium 5,000[4][5]
21.02.2009 Payam
Aboomoslem Koushki(60) Mohammadi(12) Persian Gulf Cup 2008–09 Samen Stadium 2,000[6][7]
2013-14 27.08.2013 Aboomoslem
Payam Nazemi (15) Baseri (35)Barati (70) Friendly match Takhti Stadium [8]
2014-15 06.10.2014 Payam
Aboomoslem Masoumeeyan(15) Tohidiyan(60) Second Division 2014–15 Samen Stadium 1,000[9]
10.12.2014 Aboomoslem
Payam Nouri(60) Mojarad(90+3) Second Division 2014–15 Takhti Stadium 1,000[10]

Notable Derby Players[edit]