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Maslenica is a port and village in Zadar County, Dalmatia, Croatia. Its geographical coordinates are 44°13'N, 15°32'E. It is situated in Novigrad Sea [hr], the gulf of Novigrad. Waters are quite clear due to the Zrmanja river which flows into this gulf.


The rebuilt Maslenica Bridge.

The town was built 1000 years ago.[when?]

Maslenica was damaged under the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s.[1] Most notably, a heavily traveled bridge, the Maslenica Bridge on the Adriatic Highway was destroyed. In 2006, the bridge was rebuilt on the same spot and similar appearance. In the meantime, an additional bridge, also known as Maslenica Bridge had been built slightly north.[2]

Operation Maslenica got its name from the village.


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Coordinates: 44°13′N 15°32′E / 44.217°N 15.533°E / 44.217; 15.533