Massive Wonders

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"Massive Wonders"
MASSIVE WONDERS (Single Cover).jpg
Single by Nana Mizuki
from the album Great Activity
B-side Happy Dive, Pray
Released August 22, 2007 (2007-08-22)
Format CD
Recorded Japan
Genre pop, dance-pop
Length 25:28
Label King Records
Writer(s) Nana Mizuki
Nana Mizuki singles chronology
Secret Ambition (2007) Massive Wonders (2007) Starcamp EP (2008)

"Massive Wonders" is the 16th single by Japanese singer Nana Mizuki. It was released on 22 August 2007. "Massive Wonders" contains the second opening theme and insert song for the anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS.

Music video[edit]

Like her previous single, "Secret Ambition", the video features two Nana egos, one being an inactive, innocent one, dressed in white clothing. The other ego, dressed in red clothing, dances and sings. In a high-tech setting, the white-clothed one is held captive and/or hostage by masked uniformed people as her hands are bound together and she is constantly followed and supervised by them. The uniformed people also seem to be monitoring both Nana Mizuki egos on video cameras, but the red-clothed ego seems to dance and sing freely in a separate room by herself(In the edit version the red-clothed ego is wearing sunglasses).

Track listing[edit]

  2. Happy Dive
  3. Pray
  5. Happy Dive (without NANA)
  6. Pray (without NANA)


Chart Peak
Sales Time in
Oricon Weekly Singles #4 60,204 12 weeks