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Matetsi is located in Zimbabwe
Matetsi in Zimbabwe Map
Coordinates: 18°05′S 25°52′E / 18.083°S 25.867°E / -18.083; 25.867Coordinates: 18°05′S 25°52′E / 18.083°S 25.867°E / -18.083; 25.867
CountryZimbabwe Zimbabwe
ProvinceMatabeleland North

Matetsi is a village in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe and is located about 55 km west of Hwange. The village started as a railway siding and took its name from the nearby Matetsi River. Most of the surrounding land is under forest and the Matetsi Safari Area.

Matetsi Victoria Falls: luxury accommodation known as Matetsi River Lodge within the Matetsi Private Game Reserve, with easy access to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe by road transfer (40 min, 42 km) or helicopter (15min). The nearest airports are Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), Kasane (Botswana), and Livingstone (Zambia)

Matetsi Private Game Reserve: 55,000 hectare private wildlife concession, which forms a key part of the KAZA trans frontier.[1] MPRG is the north-eastern section of the Matetsi Safari Area.  MPGR is also bordered by the Zambezi River (North), Zambezi National Park (East) and Panda-Masuie Forest Reserve, home of the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (South).

Matetsi Safari Area: consisting of 7 separate concessions, this area reaches from the Zambezi River in the North to Hwange National Park in the South. The area was named for the Matetsi River, which flows through the southern section of the Safari Area.

Matetsi Village: located in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe, about 55 km west of Hwange. The village started as a railway siding, and is also took its name from  for the nearby Matetsi River.

Matetsi River: named for the blue-green algae, locally called “Matetsi”, found on the rocks of the river.


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