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Matos or Mattos, sometimes de Matos or de Mattos, is a Portuguese language surname. Matoš, is a Croatian language surname.

The origin of the surname Matos or Mattos is toponymic. It was removed from a place with this designation, in the region of Lamego in Portugal. It originates in Egas Hermigues, great-grandson of King Ramiro II, from the Kingdom of León. Egas was of great valour and had the nickname of the "Bravo." He founded the convent of Freixo and made Mattos farmhouse. His son and heir Hermandio Pais de Matos followed the lineage. There are documents of Paio Hermigues de Matos, contemporary of Kings Sancho II and Alfonso III of Portugal. Hermigio de Matos was the owner of that farm and had others for honor.

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