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Matthew Hall (born 1970)[1] is a Canadian figure skater. He is the 1989 bronze medalist at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships as well as the 1989 Canada Games. He trained at the Mariposa School of Skating.[2]

Hall was one of the first elite level athletes to come out as gay while still competing. He made his sexual orientation public in 1992.[3]

Competitive highlights[edit]

Event 83–84 84–85 85–86 86–87 87–88 88–89 89–90 90–91 91–92 92–93 93–94 94–95 95–96
Trophée Lalique 13th
NHK Trophy 7th
Skate America 6th 7th
Skate Canada 4th 4th
Vienna Cup 2nd 6th
Moscow News 4th 8th
Coupe d'Excellence 2nd
Nebelhorn Trophy 10th
International: Junior
Junior Worlds 6th
Canadian Champ. 2nd J 3rd 8th 8th
J = Junior level


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