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Maurice Blackburn
Maurice Blackburn oilpainting1942 (cropped).jpg
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
No. of offices 28[1]
No. of employees 1,000+
Key people Steve Walsh (Chairman)
Jacob Varghese (CEO)
Date founded 1919
Founder Maurice McCrae Blackburn
Company type Limited liability partnership
Slogan "We Fight For Fair"
Website []

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, (formerly Maurice Blackburn & Co and Maurice Blackburn Cashman), was founded in 1919 by Maurice Blackburn.[2] The firm is an Australian plaintiff law firm, having represented clients in a number of high-profile cases since its establishment.

Major cases[edit]

Since its establishment Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have acted in a number of cases, including:

  • The 40-Hour Working Week Case - in conjunction with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Maurice Blackburn fought for shorter working hours;
  • MUA Waterfront Dispute Case - represented maritime workers against the Commonwealth Government during the waterfront dispute in 1998;
  • The GIO Class Action - the first shareholder class action win in Australian legal history;
  • Centro Class Action - the biggest class action settlement in legal history;[3]
  • Mohammed Haneef Case - defended Dr. Haneef against false charges of terrorism in 2010 and later acted on his behalf in a defamation matter;[4]
  • The Gene Patent BRCA1 Case - a ruling that saw the High Court rule that a mutated gene that causes cancer cannot be subject to a patent under Australian law;[5]

Former staff[edit]


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