Maurice Far Eckhard Tió

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Maurice Far Eckhard Tió
Personal information
BornJuly 26, 1983 (1983-07-26) (age 35)
Barcelona, Spain
Country Spain

Maurice Far Eckhard Tió (born July 26, 1983 in Barcelona) is a cyclist from Spain.[1]


Eckhard has cerebral palsy.[1] In 2013, he was awarded the bronze Real Orden al Mérito Deportivo.[2][3]


Eckhard is a C2 type athlete. He competed at the 2004 Summer Paralympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympics in cycling, where he did not earn a medal.[1] He competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in cycling. He was the third person to finish in the C2 road trial race.[1][4][5]

From the Catalan region of Spain, he was a recipient of a 2012 Plan ADO scholarship.[6] In 2013, he was one of seven Paralympic sportspeople to get a 2013/2014 "Iberdrola Foundation Scholarship" that was awarded by the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Iberdrola Foundation, the Spanish Sports Council and the Spanish Ministry of Social Services and Equality. It provided him with €490 a month for the ten academic months of the year.[7][8]


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