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Satellite image of the island
Mavulis Island is located in Philippines
Mavulis Island
Mavulis Island
Location within the northern extremity of the Philippines
Location Luzon Strait
Coordinates 21°6′47″N 121°57′6″E / 21.11306°N 121.95167°E / 21.11306; 121.95167Coordinates: 21°6′47″N 121°57′6″E / 21.11306°N 121.95167°E / 21.11306; 121.95167
Archipelago Batanes Group of Islands
Region Cagayan Valley
Province Batanes
Population uninhabited

Mavulis Island is the northernmost of the Batanes Islands and the northernmost island in the Philippines. It is part of the province of Batanes.

The island is full of vegetation of mango and palm, and is part of the Luzon Volcanic Arc. The island is uninhabited according to the 2004 Philippine census.[citation needed]

Alternative names[edit]

Older Batan natives was also called the island Dihami, meaning "north" in Ivatan. By some members of the Spanish colonial government it was called Diami, and it is known as Yami or Y'Ami on most American Colonial Era maps of the Philippines.

The latter should not be confused with the aboriginal Yami of Taiwan that live on islands farther north beyond Philippine territorial limits, but are geographically, culturally and linguistically related to the Ivatan people.

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