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Mazim is located in Oman
Location in Oman
Coordinates: 23°24′N 56°17′E / 23.400°N 56.283°E / 23.400; 56.283Coordinates: 23°24′N 56°17′E / 23.400°N 56.283°E / 23.400; 56.283
Country  Oman
Region Ad Dhahirah Region
Time zone Oman Standard Time (UTC+4)

Mazim is a village in Ad Dhahirah Region, in northeastern Oman. The village lies southeast of Abu Silah and northwest of As Subaykhi along Highway 21, which connects the village to Ibri, the district capital. The village contains a large green area of trees to the west of the main road entering the village. The 1917 Gazetteer of Arabia describes Mazim as being a hamlet, located about 25 miles northwest of Ibri, and being fortified with walls.[1] Tanker filler stations have been proposed in Mazim.[2]

To the north of the village is the hamlet of Masharub.[3]


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