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McBean may refer to:

  • Al McBean (born 1938), retired professional baseball player
  • Angus McBean (1904–1990), Welsh photographer, associated with surrealism
  • Brett McBean, award winning Australian horror and speculative fiction writer
  • Eleanor McBean (1905–1989), outspoken American anti-vaccinist and author of anti-vaccinist publications
  • Gordon McBean, Canadian climatologist, chairman of the board of trustees of the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Jack McBean (born 1994), midfielder in Major League Soccer
  • James McBean, Scottish footballer
  • Marnie McBean (born 1968), Canadian rower
  • Robert McBean, Scottish footballer
  • Ryan McBean (born 1984), American football defensive tackle
  • Tracey McBean, fictional character in children's books drawn and written by Mary Small and Arthur Filloy
  • Wayne McBean (born 1969), retired ice hockey defenceman
  • William McBean VC (1818–1878), Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross

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