McFadden (surname)

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McFadden / MacFadden
Region of originIreland/Scotland
Other names
Variant(s)McFayden, MacFayden

McFadden is a Scottish and Irish patronymic surname meaning "son of little Patrick". The Celtic prefix "Mc" means "son of", while "Fadden" is derived from the Gaelic Páidín, meaning "little Patrick". There are variant spellings including McFaddin, MacFadden, Mac Phaidin, the Scottish McFadin, McFadyen, MacFadyen, McFadwyn, McFadyean, MacFadzean, McFadyon, McFayden, Fadden, Fadyen, Faden, Fadin, and Fadwyn. McFadden is uncommon as a given name. People with the surname include:[1][2]


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