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The McKitterick Prize is a United Kingdom literary prize. It is administered by the Society of Authors. It was endowed by Tom McKitterick, who had been an editor of The Political Quarterly but had also written a novel which was never published. The prize is awarded annually for a first novel (which need not have been published) by an author over 40. As of 2009, the value of the prize was £4000.

The McKitterick Prize was first awarded in 1990.

List of prize winners[edit]

Year Author Book
1990 Simon Mawer Chimera
1991 John Loveday Halo
1992 Alberto Manguel News from a Foreign Country Came
1993 Andrew Barrow Tap Dancer
1994 Helen Dunmore Zennor in Darkness
1995 Christopher Bigsby Hester
1996 Stephen Blanchard Gagarin and I
1997 Patricia Duncker Hallucinating Foucault
1998 Eli Gottlieb The Boy Who Went Away
1999 Magnus Mills The Restraint of Beasts
2000 Chris Dolan Ascension Day
2001 Giles Waterfield The Long Afternoon
2002 Manil Suri The Death of Vishnu
2003 Mary Lawson Crow Lake
2004 Mark Haddon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
2005 Lloyd Jones Mr Vogel
2006 Peter Pouncey Rules for Old Men Waiting
2007 Reina James This Time of Dying
2008 Jennie Walker 24 for 3
2009 Chris Hannan Missy
2010 Raphael Selbourne Beauty
2011 Emma Henderson Grace Williams Says It Loud
2012 Ginny Baily Africa Junction
2013 Alison Moore The Lighthouse
2014 Gabriel Weston Dirty Work
2015 Robert Allison The Letter Bearer
2016 Petina Gappah The Book of Memory
2017 David Dyer The Midnight Watch
2018 Anietie Isong Radio Sunrise