McKitterick Prize

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The McKitterick Prize is a United Kingdom literary prize. It is administered by the Society of Authors. It was endowed by Tom McKitterick, who had been an editor of The Political Quarterly but had also written a novel which was never published. The prize is awarded annually for a first novel (which need not have been published) by an author over 40. As of 2009, the value of the prize was £4000.

The McKitterick Prize was first awarded in 1990.

List of prize winners[edit]




(Runner-up: Frances Kay for Micka)
(Runner-up: Cressida Connolly for My Former Heart)
(Runner-up: Caroline Brothers for Hinterland)
(Runner-up: Gabriel Gbadamosi for Vauxhall)
(Runner-up: Paul Ewen for Francis Pug: How To Be A Public Author)
(Runner-up: Nick Coleman for Pillow Man)
(Runner-up: Austin Duffy for This Living & immortal Thing)
(Runner-up: Frances Maynard for The Seven Rules of Elvira Carr)
(Runner-up: Carys Davies for West)


(Runner-up: Taffy Brodesser-Akner for Fleishman is in Trouble)
  • 2021 - Winner: Elaine Feeney for As You Were
(Runner-up: Deepa Anappara for Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line)
  • 2022 - Winner: David Annand for Peterdown
(Runner-up: Lisa Taddeo for Animal)


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