McLaughlin (surname)

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Family name
Meaning "son of Lochlann"
Region of origin Ireland; Scotland
Language(s) of origin Gaelic
Related names MacLaughlin, MacLoughlin, McLauchlin, McClaughlin, Laughlin, Loughlin, McLochlan, McLachlan, McLaughlan, MacLochlan, MacLachlan, MacLaughlan, O'Loughlin
Clan affiliations Clan Maclachlan
Footnotes: Frequency Comparisons[1]

McLaughlin or MacLaughlin /məˈklɔːxln/ is a surname of Irish and Scottish origin. The name is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac Lochlainn ("son of Lochlann").[2]

The surname is borne by several noted families. One such family is a branch of the Cenél nEógain, closely related to the O'Neill dynasty. Another family, the Scottish Clan Maclachlan, are also related to the O'Neills but derive their surname from a different eponym.

The surname is also born by members of the O'Melaghlin family, the descendants of the King of Meath and later High King of Ireland, Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill (Máel Sechnaill II).[3]


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