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Type of site
instant messaging
Owner Ashod Apakian
Created by Ashod Apakian
Revenue advertising
Slogan(s) Get a room!
Alexa rank Negative increase 16,034,634 (April 2014)[1]
Launched November 2007
Current status Defunct

MeBeam was a video chat website, that allowed any user to create videoconference rooms for up to 16 people. MeBeam did not require registration, login or downloading of software.


The site was launched by Ashod Apakian in November 2007 as a web-based demo of a research application he was working on. The goal was to create the worlds fastest videotelephony site.[2] It gained popularity after a plugin was developed to provide multi-party videoconferencing for Adium in August 2008, after being featured on Digg.[3]

The site was also featured on Chris Pirillo, at which point it gained widespread usage.[4]

The website uses Adobe Systems Flash Player to display video and access the user's webcam. It works across, Windows, Linux and Macintosh, along with any web browser that supports Flash 8.

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