Me and the Devil Blues

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"Me and the Devil Blues"
Me and the Devil Blues.jpg
Original 78 record label
Single by Robert Johnson
Released1938 (1938)
RecordedDallas, Texas, June 19, 1937
GenreDelta blues
  • 2:37 (take 1)
  • 2:29 (take 2)
Songwriter(s)Robert Johnson
Producer(s)Don Law

"Me and the Devil Blues" is a blues song by Robert Johnson. It tells the story of the singer's waking up one morning to the devil knocking on the door, telling him that "it's time to go".[1]

The lyrics concluded with the lines "You may bury my body down by the highway side" / "So my old evil spirit can catch a Greyhound bus and ride."[2] Johnson recorded the song, among others, in a warehouse in Dallas, that served as a makeshift recording studio, on June 19, 1937. It was his final recording session.[2]


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