Mechanized Warfare

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Mechanized Warfare
Mechanized Warfare album cover.jpg
Studio album by Jag Panzer
Released August 7, 2001
Recorded Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida, United States
Genre Power metal / Heavy metal
Label Century Media
Producer Jim Morris
Jag Panzer chronology
Thane to the Throne
Mechanized Warfare
Decade of the Nail Spiked Bat
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link

Mechanized Warfare is the sixth studio album released by American power metal band Jag Panzer, released in 2001. This album is more progressive than the band's previous work. After approximately forty seconds of silence at the end of "All Things Renewed", a recording plays of parts of "The Scarlet Letter", the audio quality sounding like an old phonograph recording with an old time piano in the background.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Take to the Sky" Broderick, Conklin 5:28
2. "Frozen in Fear" Briody, Conklin 3:42
3. "Unworthy" Briody, Conklin 6:10
4. "The Silent" Broderick, Conklin 5:16
5. "The Scarlet Letter" Briody, Conklin 3:53
6. "Choir of Tears" Broderick, Conklin 6:12
7. "Cold Is the Blade (And the Heart That Wields It)" Briody, Conklin 5:55
8. "Hidden in My Eyes" Broderick, Conklin 4:26
9. "Power Surge" Broderick, Conklin 6:14
10. "All Things Renewed" Briody, Conklin 7:02

Album line-up[edit]

  • Harry Conklin - Vocals
  • Mark Briody - Guitar
  • Chris Broderick - Guitar
  • John Tetley - Bass guitar + Backing vocals
  • Rikard Stjernquist - Drums