Mederer GmbH

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Mederer GmbH
GmbH & Co. KG
FounderWilly Mederer
Area served
Key people
Herbert Mederer
CEO (1981-Present)
ProductsProduced by Trolli, Efrutti, Gummi Bear Factory: Gummi Candy, Marshmallows, Liquorice
Number of employees
2´500 (2010)

Mederer GmbH is the fourth largest manufacturer of gummi candy in Germany behind Haribo, Storck and Katjes. Mederer´s most popular brand is Trolli, a brand launched in 1975. Mederer GmbH also owns several other brands, notably Efrutti, Sugarland and Gummi Bear Factory.

Altogether, these brands produce gummi candy, licorice and marshmallows in well over one hundred shapes, sizes and flavors.[1]

Mederer GmbH produces candies that have been said to be healthy for the teeth [2] or the immune system[3]

Mederer employs roughly 2500 people in factories and offices located in Germany, China, Spain, Czech Republic, United States.[4]


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