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Type of site
Political site, news, entertainment
Owner Abrams Media
Alexa rank Positive decrease 5,313 (August 2016)[1]
Launched September 5, 2008; 10 years ago (2008-09-05)[2]
Current status Active

Mediaite is a news and opinion site covering politics and entertainment in the media industry. It is the flagship site of Abrams Media, a ring of websites run by ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams and also featuring Gossip Cop, Geekosystem, Styleite, Sports Grid, The Mary Sue, The Maude, and The Braiser. Described by Abrams as "for the media, about the media and part of the new media,"[3] it features regular columns, an extensive video library, and the "Power Grid" that ranks media personalities by influence.

Abrams currently serves as the site's publisher and launched the site in July 2009 with former editor Colby Hall. In an interview with The Washington Post, founding managing editor Colby Hall described the site as "Huffington Post meets Gawker."[4] In December 2011, Hall left Mediaite for Clear Channel.[5]


After four months in operation, an analysis by media ratings blog TV By the Numbers indicated that Mediaite's traffic was comparable to that of similar sites such as The Wrap and Deadline Hollywood Daily.[6] As of March 2010, Mediaite's traffic averaged about a million visitors a month, more than the entire website network combined.[7] As of 2013, Mediaite was ranked in Technorati's top 100 sites at #15.[8]

As of August 2012, Mediaite welcomed a record 7 million unique visitors per month.[9]

Power Grid[edit]

One notable feature of the site is the Power Grid,[10] a daily-updating list that uses an algorithm to rank over 1,500 media professionals. The Power Grid uses a host of metrics,[11] such as TV viewership and Twitter followers, to determine individuals' ranks in their respective categories. Mediaite has stated that the list will continue to "roll out new metrics, new categories of people to be ranked, and new features for the Power Grid."[12] The Power Grid model has also been adapted to the other Abrams Media sites Geekosystem, Styleite, and Sports Grid.


Former Mediaite columnist A. J. Delgado joined the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign as a "senior adviser" in September 2016.[13]


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