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Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan is a blogger and writer. She writes under the pseudonym eM on The Compulsive Confessor. Her first book, a semi-autobiographical attempt, is "You Are Here", published by Penguin Group.[1][2]

She is the daughter of the famous Malayalam writer and former IAS officer N. S. Madhavan . Her mother Sheela Reddy is a journalist, the former Books Editor of Outlook magazine and author of Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah: The Marriage That Shook India.[3]


  • The One Who Swam with the Fishes (2017)
  • Before, And Then After (2015)
  • Split (2015)
  • Cold Feet (2012)
  • The Life & Times of Layla The Ordinary (2010)
  • You are Here (2008)


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