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MEGA Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Industry Video games
Founded 1998
Defunct 2007
Headquarters Yeongdeungpo-gu,[1] Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Lee Sang-Min (President)
Products Arcade games

Mega Enterprise (Korean: 메가엔터프라이즈) or also MEGA, was a South Korean company that specialised in developing video games. Mega Enterprise was best known for having developed two arcade-only games: Pull Trigger[2] (released in 2003), and Metal Slug 4 for the Neo Geo after the original developer, SNK, went bankrupt.

In South Korea, Mega also published PC and PS2 games from companies like Activision (for the first), and SNK Playmore (instead for the second). It also developed Metal Slug Online game for PC.

Games published by MEGA[edit]

All games listed for each platform are published only in South Korea.

PlayStation 2[6][edit]


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