Meijersplein RandstadRail station

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Metrostation Meijersplein.jpg
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 51°57′22″N 4°27′44″E / 51.95611°N 4.46222°E / 51.95611; 4.46222Coordinates: 51°57′22″N 4°27′44″E / 51.95611°N 4.46222°E / 51.95611; 4.46222
Line(s)  E 
Platforms 2
Opened 17 May 2010
Meijersplein is located in RandstadRail station
Location within RandstadRail station

Meijersplein is a RandstadRail station located in Schiebroek, a neighborhood of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Construction of Meijersplein station began in January 2008. The station was built to replace Wilgenplas station, located approximately 500 meters (1,600 ft) north. Wilgenplas was served by railway trains on the Hofplein line before that line was converted for exploitation by metro trains, and the station was temporarily kept in service after this conversion took place in 2006.

In May 2010, construction of Meijersplein station completed and Wilgenplas was closed down on May 12 of that year. On May 17, Meijersplein was opened and it is now being served by metro trains of line E. The station has an Airport Shuttle service to and from Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Train services[edit]

The station is served by the following service(s):

  • RandstadRail Line E Den Haag Centraal - Voorburg - Leidscheveen - Pijnacker - Meijersplein - Rotterdam Centraal - Beurs - Zuidplein - Slinge
Preceding station   RandstadRail   Following station
toward Slinge
Line E (RET)

Bus services[edit]

  • 33 (RET) Meijersplein - Rotterdam-The Hague Airport - Overschie - Rotterdam Centraal