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Birth name Melvin Breeden
Origin Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.
Genres Hip hop, reggae, pop, R&B, gospel
Occupation(s) Producer, composer, songwriter
Instruments MPC2000
Years active 1995–present
Labels Big Cat, Aftermath, Radar Live
Associated acts Dr. Dre, Gucci Mane, MC Breed

Melvin Breeden, better known as Mel-Man, is a record producer from Norfolk, Virginia, best known as one of Aftermath Entertainment's in-house producers. He is the president and CEO of Big Cat Records and Radar Live, which Billboard Magazine placed at #13 on their list of Top Rap Labels in 2005.[1]


Mel-Man released Freak Nasty's "Da' Dip" independently in 1996 and sold more than 1.5 million copies. He was nominated for a MTV VMA award in 1997. Breeden also marketed and released independent projects from Ghetto Mafia, Spice 1, and MC Breed.

Big Cat Records[edit]

Radar Live was founded in 2012 by visionary, music and sports entertainment mogul Melvin “Mel-Man” Breeden. Breeden, the CEO of Radar Live & Big Cat Records—well known for his production credits & Music Business acumen has launched many successful artists careers including, Eminem, Country music's newest star Kurt Thomas, Gospel Grammy winner Canton Jones, Love & Hip Hop's Rasheeda, FreeBandz, Buju Banton and 1017 Bricksquad CEO, Gucci Mane-

Big Cat Records, birthed in 1998 is the south’s hottest, most watched Independent Record Label. Big Cat Records being one of the most influential Independent Record Labels in the south; who helped transform the Hip-hop industry with artist and music representing the Dirty South. Since Big Cat Records path-breaking release the world has take notices to The Hottest Independent Label. Big Cat records has been a steadfast advocate for all Independent Labels, showing Big Cat Records can holds its own among major labels and remains relevant in the industry; Billboard Magazine named Big Cat Records as one of the “Top 15 R&B and Hip Hop Labels of the Year”. Radar Live has raised the standard for all independent record labels.

Production credits[edit]


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