Men of Vizion

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Men of Vizion
Origin U.S.
Genres R&B, new jack swing
Years active 1992–present
Labels MJJ Music
Associated acts Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, "Lil" Chris Smith
Members George Spencer III (G-Fly)
Prathan Williams (Spanky)
Anthony Fuller (Chill)
Dwayne Jones (Stylz)
Michael Best (Nitty Green)
Past members Brian Deramus
Desmond Greggs
Corley Randolph
Courtney Bradley

Men of Vizion is an American R&B quintet that came to fame in 1996, with the debut album, Personal, which featured the songs "House Keeper" and "Do Thangz", produced by Teddy Riley and "Lil" Chris Smith.


The members of Men Of Vizion met at the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art. Randolph was training to be a classical pianist and sang frequently around the city in a jazz ensemble. Writing the first five part harmony selection for the group entitled "Kingdom On Top of The World", Randolph remains a writer and producer residing in Dallas, Texas. In 2007, he opened The Vocal School of Texas. Desmond Greggs not only sang but wrote and produced the group's singles and albums. The group started singing in gospel but later changed to R&B. The group formed as a quintet with George Spencer III, Corley Randolph, Desmond Greggs, Brian Deramus & Courtney Bradley an original member who left the group early on. Now a quartet started doing backup vocals and also danced with Queen Latifah along with high school classmate and actor Omar Epps. They were originally called Vizion. They then added eventual lead singer and Brooklyn native Prathan "Spanky" Williams. During the early years, the band played at parties, entered talent shows and performed at local nightclubs. Their persistence paid off when they were signed to Jade Productions. With the support of new jack swing vocalist Teddy Riley, the group was eventually signed with MJJ Music. As the group matured they changed their name to Men Of Vizion. Replacement members Anthony Fuller, Dwayne Jones, and Michael Best appeared in the 1989 biographical-drama film, Lean on Me starring Morgan Freeman. as members of the R&B group Riff.

Their debut album, Personal, was released in 1996. Men of Vizion covered the 1977 Jackson Five hit "Show You the Way to Go." Deramus, Greggs and Randolph left the group after the first album's release and Deramus and Greggs eventually formed a duo called The Kraft which Randolph joined soon after. They were replaced by three members of the R&B Group Riff from Paterson, New Jersey; Anthony "Chill" Fuller, his brother Dwayne "Stylz" Jones, and Michael "Nitty Green" Best, and the group released their second album MOV in 1999.




  • "House Keeper" (US #67, R&B #13)[1]
  • "Do You Feel Me? (...Freak You)" (R&B #45)



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