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STC rapid transit
Location Mexico City
Coordinates 19°24′31″N 99°06′46″W / 19.408478°N 99.112902°W / 19.408478; -99.112902Coordinates: 19°24′31″N 99°06′46″W / 19.408478°N 99.112902°W / 19.408478; -99.112902
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards Tacubaya
Línea 9
towards Pantitlán

Metro Mixiuhca is a metro station along Line 9 of the Mexico City Metro serving the Colonia Jardín Balbuena and Colonia Magdalena Mixiuhca districts in the Venustiano Carranza borough of Mexico City, Mexico.[1][2] The station's icon is a silhouette of a woman holding a newborn baby.[1][2] In the Nahuatl language mixiuhca means "place of births".[1] The origin of this name comes from one of the Aztecs' migration stories. When the Aztecs first came to the Valley of Mexico, they lived for a long time in a place called Tizapan. However, they were violently expelled from there.[1]

Legend states that they ran out to the surrounding swamps using their shields and spears as rafts for the women and children.[1] They ran across three places: Mexizalzingo, Iztacalco and Temazcaltitlán, and precisely there, in that last place, one of the women gave birth to a child.[1] From then on, the name of that place became Mixiuhca.[1]

The station was opened on 26 August 1987.[3]


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