Embassy of Mexico, Berlin

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Mexican Embassy, Berlin
Mexican embassy berlin 6362.JPG
The Embassy building in Berlin
Coordinates 52°30′29″N 13°21′04″E / 52.5081°N 13.3512°E / 52.5081; 13.3512Coordinates: 52°30′29″N 13°21′04″E / 52.5081°N 13.3512°E / 52.5081; 13.3512
Location Germany Berlin, Germany
Address 3 Klingelhöferstrasse,
10785 Berlin,
Website Mexican Embassy, Berlin
Mexican Embassy in Berlin (Side View)

The Embassy of Mexico in Berlin is located on: Klingelhöferstrasse 3, 10785 Berlin, Germany.

The building was designed by architect Francisco Serrano, in collaboration with Teodoro González de León.[1][2]

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