Mexico's Next Top Model

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Mexico's Next Top Model
Mexicos next top model.gif
Show logo
Genre Reality television
Created by Tyra Banks
Presented by Jaydy Michel
Judges Jaydy Michel
Allan Fis
Glenda Reyna
Óscar Madrazo
Antonio Gonzalez de Cosio 2012-2013
Elsa Benitez (host) 2009-2012
Jo Lance 2009-2011
Country of origin Mexico
No. of episodes 62
Running time 60 mins
Original network Sony Entertainment Television
Original release October 1, 2009 – present
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Mexico's Next Top Model, sometimes abbreviated as MxNTM, is a Mexican reality television series, based on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model. It is the second franchise in Latin America after Brazil's Next Top Model, and like the latter, the Mexican version is broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television.

The series features a group of young women who would be competing for the title of "Mexico's Next Top Model" and a chance to begin their career in the modeling industry.



The challenge usually focuses on an element important to modeling which will help the girls to improve on the photo shoot. A guest judge, who is unique to each episode, evaluates the contestants and decides the winner of the challenge, who receives a prize for her victory.

Judging and Elimination[edit]

Based upon the girls' performance in the week's challenge, photo shoot, and general attitude, the judges deliberate and decide which girl must leave the competition. Once the judges have made their decision, the girls are called back into the room. The host calls out the names of the girls who performed well in the challenge and photo shoot, giving them a copy of their best photo from the shoot. The last two girls, whose names have not been called, are given criticism about why they were in the bottom two, and one is eliminated. The person who is eliminated does not receive a photo.


Judges Seasons
Elsa Benítez Head Judge
Allan Fis Judge
Glenda Reyna Judge
Jo Lance Judge
Óscar Madrazo Recurring Judge
Antonio González de Cosío Judge Recurring
Jaydy Michel Head Judge


Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants Destination
1 1 October 2009 Mariana Bayón Nohemí Hermosillo Kathya Amor Rodríguez, Yatzil Rubio, Isabel Nieto, Fernanda Sánchez, Ana Laura Cubas, Silvia Noyola, Anelís Echegaray, Verónica Sánchez, Andrea Carrión, Paulina Haro, Cecilia Pérez 13 Mexico
2 9 August 2011 Tracy Reuss Nikoll Vogas Pris Zamora, Veronica Sánchez (quit), Marina Ávila, Xareni Sajarópulos, Ana Claudia Armas, Quetzalli Bulnes, Grecia Vargas & Erika Coronel, Melina Laporta, Lee Velázquez, Fer Herrera, Yael Álvarez 14 Mexico
San Miguel de Allende
3 4 September 2012[1] Sahily Córdova Paulina Barragán Amira Díaz, Lili Fifield, Leti Ortíz, Analí Ramos, Eloina Cavazos, Ana Paula Crippa, Sue Ellen García, Jessica Ortíz, Sofía Saviano, Perla Gaspar, Alessa Bravo 13 None
4 19 August 2013 Paloma Aguilar Cindy Gradilla Jonnuem Torres, Alejandra Ruz, Lucía de la Vega, Valeria Carmona, Magui Jimenez & Stefy Vargas, Renata Aguilar, Karely Carreón (quit), Michel Estrada, Clara Gonzalez, Bárbara Cortéz, Iliana Ruiz 14 Mexico
5 29 September 2014 Vanessa Ponce Mariana Berumen Nydia Galindo, Montserrat Curis, Diana Gill, Samantha Ochoa, Andrea Ibañez, Elsa Chapa, Elisa Garcia, Kristen Fara (quit), Roxana Reyes & Nebai Torres, Miranda Chamosa 13 United States
Los Angeles

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