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Germany's Next Topmodel
Germanys Next Topmodel Logo.svg
Genre Reality television
Created by Tyra Banks
Starring Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum (1–present)
Thomas Hayo (6–present)
Michael Michalsky (11-present)

Peyman Amin (1–4)
Bruce Darnell (1–2)
Boris Entrup (2)
Qualid Ladraa (5)
Armin Morbach (1)
Rolf Scheider (3–4)
Kristian Schuller (5)
Thomas Rath (6–7)
Enrique Badulescu (8)
Wolfgang Joop (9-10)
Opening theme "Nasty Girl" (1)
"Hit Me Up" (2)
"Amazing (Remix)" (3)
"Circus" (4)
"Fight For This Love" (5)
"Girls Beautiful" (6)
"Turn Me On" (7)[1]
"Scream & Shout"(8)
"It Should Be Easy" (9)
"What I Did for Love" (10)
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
No. of seasons 10
No. of episodes 120 (as of May 30, 2013)
Producer(s) Tresor TV (former), RedSevenEntertainment
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time approx. 60–100 minutes
Original network ProSieben
Picture format PAL
Audio format Dolby Digital
Original release January 25, 2006 – present
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Germany's Next Topmodel is a German reality television show, based on a concept that was introduced by Tyra Banks with America's Next Top Model. The competition is hosted by Heidi Klum. She also serves as the lead judge and executive producer of the show.

Show format[edit]

Each yearly search of Germany's Next Topmodel has 10 to 17 episodes and starts with 12–25 contestants. Each episode, one contestant is eliminated, though a double/triple elimination or no elimination was given by consensus of the judging panel.

Makeovers are administered to contestants early in the competition (usually after the first or second elimination in the finals).

Differences between ANTM and GNTM[edit]

While the American version's season premieres (except cycles 1, 2, 16, 17 and 18) start with thirty-something semi-finalists and they are cut down to a batch of ten to fourteen contestants, Germany's Next Topmodel season premieres begin with highlights from the auditions of 100 candidates (cycles 1 and 2) and 120 candidates (cycle 3) respectively.

The panel challenge in front of the judges on America's Next Top Model is almost always replaced by a runway walk in front of the judges on the German show.

In the elimination process on America's Next Top Model, host Tyra Banks hands out a photograph to each of the contestants who are safe, in order of merit.
The bottom two of each episode are called to stand before Banks and are judged individually. The call-out order does play a major role in determining who this week's best contestant was – quite in contrast to Germany's Next Topmodel where the call-out order does not say anything about the quality of the contestants' performance, except in the final. Moreover, they are called out one by one while the others are waiting in the backstage lobby. The US contestants are all present. GNTM also starts the finale with 3 or 4 contestants left, it usually takes 2h. In ANTM, the finale starts with 2 or 3 contestants left and takes 1h.

The final five or six contestants travel to an international destination on the American show while Germany's version is noncommittal about the number of journeys abroad; cycle 1 went abroad two times, cycle 2 did so four times and cycle 3 went to six different countries.

On America's Next Top Model the final two remaining models compete in a runway, and the winner is chosen in the judging room. On Germany's Next Topmodel, the final three or four contestants compete in a runway and a photo shoot in front of live audience in Cologne, Germany before the winner is revealed. The final show is live on TV. Cycle 4 final show was the first to air live from a concert hall instead of a TV studio. Due to the pregnancy of Heidi Klum, the start of the fifth season was postponed and kicked-off in March. Instead a spin-off called Die Model WG was shown featuring several former contestants from the show and hosted by judge Peyman Amin.


Only Heidi Klum herself has been part of the judging panel on every cycle. All the other permanent judges for one cycle has always been male. Peyman Amin was remaining a permanent judges the longest for four consecutive cycles. After leaving the show he eventually hosted the shows spin-off Die Model WG and signed cycle fives winner Alisar Ailabouni despite never meeting her on the show. Although Boris Entrup only was a regular judge on cycle two he still is part of the show (as in 2012) as the make up adviser for the girls.

Judges Seasons
Heidi Klum
Peyman Amin
Bruce Darnell
Armin Morbach
Boris Entrup
Rolf Scheider
Kristian Schuller
Qualid "Q" Ladraa
Thomas Hayo
Thomas Rath
Enrique Badulescu
Wolfgang Joop
Michael Michalsky


Since cycle 5 the show loses constantly viewers.[2] To increase the ratings, the format is increasingly focusing on catfights.[3]

In 2009, German Topmodel Julia Stegner said, that Germany's Next Topmodel "has nothing to do with the reality of the fashion business." [4]

In 2011 Cycle 5 Winner Alisar Ailabouni withdraw from her winning contract with ONEeins.[5] ONEeins is managed by Günther Klum. It marked the first time a winner of the show sued her way out of the contract and obligations not even one year after her victory. Ailabouni was not invited to the final of Germany's Next Topmodel, Cycle 6, also a first on the show while several ProSieben-related magazines referred to Sara Nuru as "last years winner" given she was working as a backstage host.

Also in 2011 Cycle 6 Winner Jana Beller withdraw from her contract with ONEeins also like contestant Viktoria Lantratov (Cycle 5).[6]

In 2012, ex-judge Rolf Scheider said, that the program "has not produced any top models" and "talentless but contentious girls stay in the show for dramatic factor as long as possible." [7] Regardless of that, he appeared on Austria's Next Top Model, Cycle 5 as a judge.

In 2013 Heidi Klum got criticized by the well-known German comedian Cordula Stratmann where she stated that "Heidi Klum is the face and soul of a cold-hearted, disgusting production. [...] She is the trainer in malice and condescension." [8]

In May 2013 during the live finale of Cycle 8 naked Femen activists stormed the stage calling the show "Heidi Horror Picture Show".[9]

In September 2013 Luise Will (Cycle 8) also withdraw from her contract with ONEeins. She stated that her time with that agency were "the worst two months of her life" and "thanked Jana Beller (Winner Cycle 6) for her help".[10]

In April 2014, Miriam Höller (11th-placed Cycle 5) said in an interview, that behind the scenes the girls are driven to their boundaries, as for example, they do not get enough food or their mobile phones are taken away. She also said that Heidi Klum is a different person, when the cameras are not rolling and criticized the cooperation with Günther Klum. She also mentioned that a client, who had worked with her before the show, wanted to book her but got a refusal because she was busy and an offer to book Sara Nuru (winner cycle 4) instead of Miriam. Miriam later stated she didn't get to know anything about the offer from Klum or the agency but form the client and that she hasn't been busy. She mentioned Günther Klum to try to push the winners instead of the other candidates. She also withdrew from her contract with ONEeins and said that girls are forced to sign the contract with that agency, otherwise they have to leave the show.[11]

Also in April 2014, German Topmodel Eva Padberg said, that GNTM is just entertainment and not the reality of the model business. She also hopes, that participating girls know this.[12]

In July 2014 Aminata Sanogo (Cycle 9) withdraw from her contract with ONEeins with the help of a lawyer. Her new agent Ted Linow from "Mega Model Agency" said "The girls have with Klum balls on the leg. That borders on human trafficking." [13]

In May 2015 the psychiatrist Manfred Lütz says " GNTM " according to a study promotes anorexia.[14]

In May 2015 "Germany's Next Topmodel" is checked by the German Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz). Since the first cycle "GNTM" is the subject of repeated checks through that Commission.[15][16][17]

In September 2015 former judge Wolfgang Joop criticized the show as well and justified why he don´t want to be part of it anymore. He stated "The viewers expect things, that the fashion expert does not. Namely, that contestants collapsing, getting homesick, crying and falling on their heels. These are the stories that do not interest us in the fashion world." [18][19]


Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International Destination(s)
1 January 25, 2006 Lena Gercke Yvonne Schröder Andrea Lichtenberg, Anne Mühlmeier, Celine Roscheck (quit), Rahel Krüger, Micaela Schäfer, Luise Mikulla, Charlotte Offeney, Lena Meier, Janina Ordmann, Jennifer Wanderer 12 United States
Los Angeles / New York
2 March 1, 2007 Barbara Meier Anni Wendler Janine Mackenroth, Antje Pötke, Enyerlina Sanchez, Janina Küpper, Alla Kosovan, Denise Dahinten, Aneta Tober, Tonia Michaely, Milla Gräfin von Krockow, Anja Platzer, Mandy Graff, Fiona Erdmann, Hana Nitsche 15 Switzerland
St. Moritz
South Africa
Cape Town
United States
Los Angeles
3 February 28, 2008 Jennifer Hof Janina Schmidt Rubina Radwanski, Aisha Grone, Sandra Korte, Aline Tausch, Tainá Santos Silva, Elena Rotter, Katharina Harms, Gina-Lisa Lohfink, Bianca Schumacher, Sophia Maus, Vanessa Hegelmaier (quit), Sarah Knappik, Raquel Alvarez, Gisele Oppermann, Wanda Badwal, Carolin Ruppert, Christina Leibold 19 Spain
Tel Aviv
United States
New York / Los Angeles
Sydney / Melbourne
4 February 12, 2009 Sara Nuru Mandy Bork Olivia Bermann, Johanna Popp, Daphne Braun, Tessa Bergmeier, Dana Franke, Aline Bauer, Tamara Busch, Stefanie Theissing, Katrina Scharinger, Larissa Marolt, Ira Meindl, Sarina Nowak, Maria Beckmann, Jessica Motzkus, Marie Nasemann 17 United States
Los Angeles / Las Vegas / Miami / New York / Honolulu
United Kingdom
5 March 4, 2010 Alisar Ailabouni Hanna Bohnekamp Aline Kautz (quit), Lena Kaiser, Petra Roscheck, Lara Emsen, Luisa Krüger, Catherine Kropp, Nadine Höcherl, Miriam Höller, Wioleta Psiuk, Jacqueline Kohl, Viktoria Lantratova, Pauline Afaja, Leyla Mert, Louisa Mazzurana, Neele Hehemann, Laura Weyel 18 South Africa
Cape Town
United States
New York / Los Angeles / San Francisco
6 March 3, 2011 Jana Beller Rebecca Mir Chiara Breder, Lilia Doubrovina, Valerie Blum (quit), Concetta Mazza, Ivon Zito, Christien Fleischauer, Amira Regaieg, Franziska König, Simone Rohrmüller, Tahnee Keller, Natascha Beil, Paulina Kaluza, Florence Lodevic, Isabel Rath, Sarah Jülich, Joana Damek (quit), Jil Goetz, Marie-Luise Schäfer, Lisa-Marie Könnecke, Sihe Jiang, Aleksandra Nagel, Anna-Lena Schubert, Amelie Klever 25


United Kingdom
United States
Los Angeles / Tempa / Miami / Las Vegas
Rio de Janeiro
The Bahamas
7 February 23, 2012 Luisa Hartema Sarah-Anessa Hitzschke Romina Djurovic, Laura Wittek, Abiba Makoya Bakayoko, Isabell Janku, Sabine Snobl, Franziska Poehling, Valerie Kirchner von Schröder, Anelia Moor, Michelle Lafleur, Natalia Kowalczykowska, Maxi Böttcher, Jasmin Abraha, Annabelle Rieß, Melek Civantürk, Shawny Sander, Laura Scharnagl, Inga Bobkow, Lisa Volz, Diana Ovchinnikova (quit), Evelyn Keck (quit), Sara Kulka, Kasia Lenhard, Dominique Miller 25

United States
Los Angeles / New York / San Diego
French Polynesia

8 February 28, 2013 Lovelyn Enebechi Maike van Grieken Katharina Oltzow, Merle Lambert (quit), Linda Niewerth, Lisa Quack, Nancy Limonta, Lisa-Giulia Wendt, Michelle Maas, Höpke Voss (quit), Bingyang Liu (quit), Leandra Martin, Sophie Jungblut (quit), Anna Seebrecht, Jessika Weidner, Janna Wiese, Veronika Weddeling, Jacqueline Thiessen, Leonie Marwitz, Carolin Sünderhauf, Christine Gischler, Marie Czuczman, Anna-Maria Damm, Sabrina Elsner, Luise Will 25 United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
United States
Los Angeles / New York / Honolulu
9 February 6, 2014 Stefanie Giesinger Jolina Fust Jill Schmitz, Lisa Seibert, Fata Hasonovic (quit), Ina Barták (quit), Laura Hass (quit), Pauline Cottin (quit), Franziska Wimmer, Laura Kristen, Emma Kahlert, Antonia Balzer, Simona Hartl, Jana Heinisch, Sainabou Sosseh, Lisa Gelbrich, Sarah Weinfurter, Anna Wilken (quit), Samantha Brock, Nancy Nagel, Karlin Obiango, Aminata Sanogo, Nathalie Volk, Betty Taube, Ivana Teklic 25


United States
Los Angeles / Salt Lake City / New York
10 February 12, 2015 Vanessa Fuchs Anuthida Ploypetch Sarah Kocar (quit), Annabel Paasch (quit), Laura Weidner, Ariana Xhatova, Adriane Sutsch, Jovana Bulic, Lena Stockhausen, Daniela Wolking, Irene Pichler, Neele Busse, Érica Santos Silva, Sandy Provázek, Varisa Čaluk, Laura Dünninger, Sara Faste, Kiki Hölzl, Jüli Ürküt, Lisa Bärmann, Darya Strelnikova, Katharina Wandrowsky, Ajša Selimović 23
United States
Los Angeles / Oahu / Miami / New York
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
New Zealand
11 February 18, 2016 21 France


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