Michael McCarthy (journalist)

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Michael McCarthy
Bornc. 1947
Birkenhead, Wirral, England
Occupation(s)Journalist and author
Known forWritings relating to natural history
Notable workSay Goodbye to the Cuckoo

Michael McCarthy (born c. 1947 in Birkenhead, Wirral, England) is a British environmentalist, naturalist, newspaper journalist, newspaper columnist, and author.

He was born the son of John and Norah McCarthy. He studied Modern Languages at the University of Liverpool.

He worked as a journalist first on the Bolton Evening News and then on the Daily Mirror. After 17 years in local and tabloid journalism, he moved first to The Times, then to The Independent on Sunday, and then to The Independent; he worked 27 years for those broadsheet newspapers. He was Environment Editor of The Independent until 2013, and as of July 2015 is its Environment Columnist.[1][2]

He was the driving force behind a campaign by The Independent to identify the reasons for the decline of the British urban House sparrow; but the £5,000 prize offered by that newspaper has as of July 2015 not been awarded.[3]



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  • McCarthy, Michael (21 May 2015). The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy. London: John Murray. ISBN 978-1444792775.


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