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Michael Roberto Kenyi is a South Sudanese politician. As of 2011, he is the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Central Equatoria.[1]


Hon. Michael Roberto Kenyi Legge Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Central Equatoria State Juba, South Sudan

Hon. Michael Roberto Kenyi Legge is the former State Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Central Equatoria State, Juba Republic of South Sudan. He assumed the position in June 2010 after the 1st democratic national election held on the 9th of April 2010.

As former State Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Hon. Michael Roberto Kenyi, headed the state in providing strategic planning perspective and direction, ensures policy and operations coordination, and maintains institutional relations with the international development communities and partners, especially on matters relating to resource mobilization, productivity and effective use of resources. He has a full grasp on overseeing management and administrative function with a full view on macroeconomic stability leading to positive contributions on the welfare of the voiceless residents of the state especially men, women and children.

Prior to this, Hon. Michael Roberto Kenyi Legge, was the Director General in Policy and Planning at the Ministry of Agriculture, GOSS. He assisted the Minister in implementing the strategic agenda of the Agriculture sector for the Government of South Sudan and assisted other states in putting up a framework for a policy driven initiatives of the government with results-based monitoring and evaluation anchored in managing for developed results. As a staunch advocate for management by example, he took a good priceless move in anchoring strategies with monitoring and evaluation.

Hon. Michael Roberto began his career with dedication and enthusiasm and has since gained new insights on genetics, agriculture, policy formulation and higher level management practices “glassed” into one. He got his grips from his experiences gained from different countries like USA, Malaysia, Eritrea, Kenya, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, among others. Prior to the joining the government, he finished his university degree in Genetics as the Topnotcher at University of Alexandria, Egypt; worked in Yei Training Center for research and worked on crop variety improvement; and then joined the SPLM/A for two decades. While in SPLM/A, he was in charge of high level of work engaged in agriculture, similarly, overseeing the safety and security of its constituents. Awarded as Cum laude, he completed his master's degree in Food Security at the University Of Kwazulu Natal South Africa. Up to 27 September 2013, he was heading the legislation of the new CES policy framework for Agriculture and Forestry in Central Equatoria State.He is a member of Advisory Board of Global Food Security Information Network.

Latest About Michael Roberto Kenyi.

Relieved from the position as the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry,Central Equatoria State on 24 December 2015 and appointed as a Chairman of Jubek State Vision 2040 in February 2016. Graduated with master of Science in Food Security at the university of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa.Currently enrolled as a PhD student in University of Juba at the Centre for Peace and Development Studies Current location: Juba South Sudan.


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