Alston's mouse opossum

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Alston's mouse opossum
Scientific classification
M. alstoni
Binomial name
Marmosa alstoni
(J. A. Allen, 1900)
Alston's Woolly Mouse Opossum area.png
Alston's mouse opossum range

Caluromys alstoni
(J. A. Allen, 1900)
Micoureus alstoni
(J. A. Allen, 1900)

Alston's mouse opossum (Marmosa alstoni), also known as Alston's opossum, is a medium-sized pouchless marsupial of the family Didelphidae.[2] It is arboreal and nocturnal, inhabiting forests from Belize to northern Colombia. The main components of its diet are insects and fruits, but it may also eat small rodents, lizards, and bird eggs. It was formerly assigned to the genus Micoureus, which was made a subgenus of Marmosa in 2009.[3]


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