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Midnattsolscupen (Midnight Sun Cup) is a football tournament which is played annually in July in the Tornedalen (Norrbotten County) in northern Sweden.


The Midnattsolscupen tournament is organised by the Polcirkeln/Svanstein FF, Ohtana/Aapua FF and Korpilombolo GIF clubs. Games are played in the villages of Svanstein and Aapua in Övertorneå, and in Ohtanajärvi in Pajala. Most of the matches are played during the late evening and as the name suggests - midnight, taking full advantage of the light nights in Tornedalen. The Final match is played in Svanstein and usually attracts large crowds.

The rules state that the competing clubs are mostly from northern Sweden, Finland and Norway. However Russian teams Spartak Moscow and Stolitsa Moskva have also taken part in the tournament.

In addition to men's team tournament, there is also a competition for boys teams.

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