Mighty to Save (Neal Morse album)

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Mighty To Save (Worship Sessions Volume 5)
Demo album by Neal Morse
Released 2010
Genre Christian rock
Label Radiant Records
Producer Neal Morse

Mighty To Save is Neal Morse's fifth album of Contemporary worship music.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "How He Loves Us"
  2. "Heiliger Geist"
  3. "Mighty to Save"
  4. "Only What You Do For Christ"
  5. "Revelation Song"
  6. "O Herr, Gieße Ströme (Ströme Des Lebendigen Wassers)"
  7. "Fall on Me"
  8. "Who Am I?"
  9. "Let Us Worship"
  10. "The Center"
  11. "I Won't Turn Back"
  12. "Spoken For"
  13. "Hosanna"