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Coordinates: 39°23′41″N 86°20′04″W / 39.394753°N 86.334544°W / 39.394753; -86.334544

History of Mill Creek Community[edit]

The formation of the Mill Creek Community is the result of the 1964 consolidation of Clay, Franklin and Liberty Township schools. Until that time, there was a friendly but heated rivalry that existed between the Amo, Clayton, and Stilesville High Schools.


Mill Creek Community School District is an irregular shape but is generally located as follows:

Historical Locations[edit]

Towns (Past & Present)[edit]


The Mill Creek Community School Corporation, located in Hendricks County, Indiana, was formed in 1964.

The consolidation of the township schools located in Amo, Belleville, Cartersburg, Clayton, Coatsville, Hazelwood, and Stilesville produced a higher quality education system, but also resulted in a loss of the history that was once a significant part of the former schools and their associated towns.

When first consolidated, elementary schools in Amo, Clayton, Hazelwood, and Stilesville were organized. Cascade High School (incorporating the first letters of all three communities, Clayton, Amo, and Stilesville in the name) was also opened at that time. Eventually, Hazelwood and Stilesville elementary schools were closed, and Cascade Junior High School was opened next door to the high school.




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