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Industry Information security
E-mail archiving
File archiving
Founded 2003
Founder Peter Bauer
Neil Murray
Headquarters London, England, UK
Key people
Peter Bauer (CEO)
Neil Murray (CTO)
Peter Campbell (CFO)
Mike Hedger (Chairman)
Nathaniel Borenstein (Chief Scientist)
Products Unified Email Management
Revenue Increase UK£ 33.6m (2011)
UK£ 21.4m (2010)
Website www.mimecast.com

Mimecast is a software as a service company specialising in unified email management and Email filtering.[1]


Mimecast was founded in 2003 by Peter Bauer and Neil Murray. It is headquartered in London and maintains offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston.[2]

In January, 2010, the company raised $21 million in Series B financing[3] from Index Ventures and Dawn Capital.

By 2011 Mimecast had 1 million users, up from 100,000 in 2007.[4]

In September 2012 Mimecast raised $62m in a Series C funding round, led by New York based Insight Venture Partners.[5]


Mimecast co-founder and CEO, Peter Bauer, previously founded FAB Technology in the mid-nineties and sold it to Idion. Earlier, Peter trained as a Microsoft systems engineer and worked with corporate messaging systems.[6]

Mimecast co-founder and CTO is Neil Murray, who leads the development of all the company's technology, overseeing the construction of Mimecast's platform and spearheading its move into the mobile space.[7]

Mimecast Chief Scientist is Nathaniel Borenstein, who was amongst the original designers of the MIME protocol for formatting multimedia Internet electronic mail - he sent the world's first e-mail attachment on 11 March 1992.[8]


The service uses a massively-parallel grid infrastructure for email storage and processing[9] through geographically dispersed data centers,[10] enabling it to guarantee 100% uptime on all services.[11] Its Mail Transfer Agent provides intelligent email routing based on server or user mailbox location.[12]

Email Security

  • Threat Protection: user optimized spam protection,[13] malware, DoS and DHA protection.
  • Gateway Services: real-time diagnostic and reporting; data loss prevention,[14] secure message delivery, email branding and disclaimer management, document conversion and metadata management, real-time online queue management, large attachment management, advanced routing and spooling.


  • Email Archive: Encrypted cloud storage which saves emails in triplicate[15] in an immutable storage system.[16] Users can access stored emails through the Outlook Web App and Outlook desktop client[17] via its Microsoft Services for Outlook (MSO) technology. Email Archive apps are available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS[18] and Windows Mobile devices.
  • File Archive: compliant file archiving including data from Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, Document Libraries and Network Shares.[19] Existing policies are applied and files are accessible from the Mimecast Personal Portal, Mimefiles iPad app[20] and within Outlook.

Email Continuity

  • Continuity: During local outages email can be accessed via Microsoft Outlook through a web browser[21] and via BlackBerry devices.[22]


  • KnowList Awards 2011: Service Excellence Award[23]
  • UK Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2011: Ranked seventh [24]
  • CRN Channel Awards 2011: Security Vendor of the Year [25]
  • MSExchange.org: Readers Choice Product of the Year 2011[26]
  • Sunday Times Tech Track 100 2011: 16th[27]
  • Computing Security Awards 2012: Messaging Security Solution of the Year[28]
  • Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference: Innovative Customer Advocacy Partner of the Year[29]
  • Sunday Times Tech Track 100 2012: Ranked 45th[30]
  • UK Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2012: Ranked 20th[31]
  • Computer Reseller News Channel Awards 2012: Security Vendor of the Year[32]


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