List of miners' strikes

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Miners' strikes are when miners conduct strike actions.

Strike Country Region Year(s) Larger movement
African Mine Workers' strike  South Africa Witwatersrand 1946
Alabama miners' strike of 1920  United States Alabama 1920 United Mine Workers
Anaconda Road massacre  United States Montana 1920 Industrial Workers of the World
Arizona copper mine strike of 1983  United States Arizona 1983–86
Asbestos strike of 1949  Canada Quebec 1949
Asturian miners' strike of 1934  Spain Asturias 1934
Asturian miners' strike of 2012  Spain Asturias 2012
Australian coal strike of 1949  Australia New South Wales 1949
Bituminous coal strike of 1894  United States Nationwide 1894 United Mine Workers
Bituminous coal strike of 1927  United States Indiana 1927
Bituminous coal strike of 1974  United States Nationwide 1974
Bituminous coal strike of 1977–78  United States Nationwide 1977–78
Broken Hill miners' strike of 1892  Australia New South Wales 1892
Cananea strike  Mexico Sonora 1906
Cape Breton coal strike of 1981  Canada Nova Scotia 1981 United Mine Workers
Coal Creek miners' strike of 1891–1892  United States Tennessee 1891–1892
Columbine Mine strike  United States Colorado 1927 Coal Wars
Copper Country strike of 1913–14  United States Michigan 1913–14
Cripple Creek miners' strike of 1894  United States Colorado 1894
Cripple Creek miners' strike of 1903  United States Colorado 1903–04 Colorado Labor Wars
Jiu Valley miners' strike of 1977  Romania Transylvania 1977
Khewra Salt Mines workers strikes 1849–1930  British India Punjab 1849–1930
Kosovo miners' strike of 1989  Yugoslavia Kosovska Mitrovica 1989
Leadville miners' strike  United States Colorado 1896–97
Ludlow strike  United States Colorado 1914 Colorado Coalfield War
Lupeni strike of 1929  Romania Transylvania 1929
Marikana miners' strike  South Africa Marikana 2012
Mount Isa Mines strike of 1964  Australia Queensland 1964–65
Paint Creek–Cabin Creek strike of 1912  United States West Virginia 1912 United Mine Workers
Pennsylvania coal miner's strike of 1902  United States Pennsylvania 1902
Real del Monte silver miners' strike of 1766  Kingdom of Spain Hidalgo 1766
South Africa miners' strike of 2007  South Africa Nationwide 2007
United Mine Workers coal strike of 1919  United States Nationwide 1919 United Mine Workers
Upper Peninsula miners' strike of 1865  United States Michigan 1865
UK national coal strike of 1912  United Kingdom Nationwide 1912
UK miners' strike of 1926  United Kingdom Nationwide 1926 1926 United Kingdom general strike
UK miners' strike of 1972  United Kingdom Nationwide 1972
UK miners' strike of 1974  United Kingdom Nationwide 1974
UK miners' strike of 1984–85  United Kingdom Nationwide 1984–85
Waihi miners' strike  New Zealand Waihi 1912
Welsh coal strike of 1898  United Kingdom Wales 1898
Westmoreland County coal strike of 1910–11  United States Pennsylvania 1910–11 United Mine Workers

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