Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A

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Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A
Range U+27C0..U+27EF
(48 code points)
Plane BMP
Scripts Common
Symbol sets Mathematical notation
Logical notation
Assigned 48 code points
Unused 0 reserved code points
Unicode version history
3.2 28 (+28)
4.1 35 (+7)
5.0 39 (+4)
5.1 44 (+5)
6.0 46 (+2)
6.1 48 (+2)
Note: [1][2]

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A is a Unicode block containing characters for mathematical, logical, and database notation.

Character table[edit]

Code Result Description
U+27C0 Three dimensional angle
U+27C1 White triangle containing small white triangle
U+27C2 Perpendicular
U+27C3 Open subset
U+27C4 Open superset
U+27C5 Left S-shaped bag delimeter
U+27C6 Right S-shaped bag delimeter
U+27C7 Or with dot inside
U+27C8 Reverse solidus preceding subset
U+27C9 Superset preceding solidus
U+27CA Vertical bar with horizontal stroke
U+27CC Long division
U+27D0 White diamond with centered dot
U+27D1 And with dot
U+27D2 Element of opening upward
U+27D3 Lower right corner with dot
U+27D4 Upper left corner with dot
U+27D5 Left outer join
U+27D6 Right outer join
U+27D7 Full outer join
U+27D8 Large up tack
U+27D9 Large down tack
U+27DA Left and right double turnstile
U+27DB Left and right tack
U+27DC Left multimap
U+27DD Long right tack
U+27DE Long left tack
U+27DF Up tack with circle above
U+27E0 Lozenge divided by horizontal rule
U+27E1 White concave-sided diamond
U+27E2 White concave-sided diamond with leftward tick
U+27E3 White concave-sided diamond with rightward tick
U+27E4 White square with leftward tick
U+27E5 White square with rightward tick
U+27E6 Mathematical left white square bracket
U+27E7 Mathematical right white square bracket
U+27E8 Mathematical left angle bracket
U+27E9 Mathematical right angle bracket
U+27EA Mathematical left double angle bracket
U+27EB Mathematical right double angle bracket
U+27EC Mathematical left white tortoise shell bracket
U+27ED Mathematical right white tortoise shell bracket
U+27EE Mathematical left flattened parenthesis
U+27EF Mathematical right flattened parenthesis

Compact table[edit]

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A[1]
Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
1.^ As of Unicode version 9.0

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