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Miss Atom (Cyrillic: Мисс Атом) was a beauty contest open to women in Russia's and former USSR countries nuclear industry and students in nuclear-related subjects between 18 and 35 years old; with about 400 participants in 2009[1] and sponsored by Atomenergoprom.[2]

The competition was run annually from 2004 until 2011. The winners were announced on the eve of International Women's Day, an important Russian holiday.[3] The prizes was goods prizes and not in cash because "cash is such a crude form of reward".[2]


  • Miss Atom 2011 was won by Marina Kiriy – the runner up was Viktoriya Guseva, and in third place was Tatyana Ladyka.
  • Miss Atom 2010 was won by Olga Trefilova – the runner up was Kristina Pogosyan, and in third place was Yekaterina Ivanova.
  • Miss Atom 2009 was won by Jekaterina Bulhakowa (95-69-97)[4] – the runner up was Olga Golicyna (83– 65–98), and in third place was Aliona Kirsanowa (87-60-87).[1][5]
  • Miss Atom 2008 was won by Julia Nagayeva (88-63-90) – the runner up was Asel Utibayeva (89-61-91), and in third place was Tatiana Vinovna (90-60-90).
  • Miss Atom 2007 was won by Elena Kamenskaya (88-62-85) – the runner up was Anastasia Pletneva (94-63-95), and in third place was Tatiana Rodnyk (84-59-88).
  • Miss Atom 2006 was won tied by Elena Aksyonova (85-62-92) and Yuliya Veselova (92-63-90) – the runner up in third place was Oksana Oskolkova (90-61-91).
  • Miss Atom 2005 was won by Mariya Burkova (89-60-89) – in second place was Yuliya Nagayeva (88-61-90), and third was Mariya Ganina (90-67-93).
  • Miss Atom 2004 was won by Tamara Serova (87-62-90) – in second place was Olga Smirnova (93-60-92), and third was Mariya Ptitsina (88-62-94).

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