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The Miss Hong Kong 2009 pageant, the 37th Miss Hong Kong pageant was held in the Hong Kong Coliseum on August 22, 2009. Ten delegates completed for the title. The winner was Sandy Lau and she competed at Miss World 2010, but not Miss Chinese International 2010, because the pageant was postponed until after Sandy Lau crowned her successor. The first runner-up was Germaine Li, and she represented Hong Kong in the Miss International 2010 pageant. The second runner-up was Mizuni Hung.



Final results Number Contestant
Miss Hong Kong 2009 4 Sandy Lau (劉倩婷)
1st runner-up 10 Germaine Li (李姿敏)
2nd runner-up 8 Mizuni Hung (熊穎詩)

Special awards[edit]

Award Number Contestant
Miss Photogenic 9 Candy Yuen (袁嘉敏)
Miss International Goodwill 6 Carly Wong (黃嘉麗)
Most Trendy Vision Award 8 Mizuni Hung (熊穎詩)
Miss Tourism Ambassador 6 Carly Wong (黃嘉麗)

Swimsuit Competition Scores[edit]


The Miss Hong Kong 2009 delegates were:

No. Contestant Age Height Note
1 Hilaire Tsang 曾曦寧 23 5’3¾”
2 Esther Lam 林潔瑜 25 5’7”
3 Grace Cheng 鄭寶源 21 5’6”
4 Sandy Lau 劉倩婷 23 5’3½” Cousin of Tiffany Lam , Miss Hong Kong 2002
5 Winnie Ma 馬詠恩 22 5’5”
6 Carly Wong 黃嘉麗 24 5’6”
7 Mandy Chung 鐘溥敏 24 5’8”
8 Mizuni Hung 熊穎詩 25 5’6” Overseas delegate from Vancouver
9 Candy Yuen 袁嘉敏 24 5’4½”
10 Germaine Li 李姿敏 21 5’6” Overseas delegate from New York City

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