Miss Robin Hood

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Miss Robin Hood
"Miss Robin Hood".jpg
Directed by John Guillermin
Produced by John Grierson
Written by Patrick Campbell
Val Valentine
Starring Margaret Rutherford
Richard Hearne
James Robertson Justice
Music by Temple Abady
Cinematography Arthur Grant
Edited by Manuel del Campo
Group 3
Distributed by Associated British Film Distributors
Release date
  • November 1952 (1952-11)
Running time
76 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Miss Robin Hood is a 1952 British comedy film directed by John Guillermin.[1] It falls within the genre of post-war British fantasy.

The writer, Wrigley (played by Richard Hearne) creates a comic strip character called Miss Robin Hood for a large newspaper. As the name suggests, the character is female, and is a latterday working of the Robin Hood story in which the heroine robs banks with the assistance of a gang of teenage girls and then redistributes the wealth.

Unfortunately, the cartoon series is dropped, and Wrigley departs. However, Miss Honey (played by Margaret Rutherford), who is director of a home for the orphans of London in Hampstead, recruits Wrigley to engage in a little light safebreaking, on the tenuous basis of having written Miss Robin Hood. Difficulties ensue as Scotland Yard become involved.

Other actors involved include Dora Bryan, James Robertson Justice, Peter Jones, Sid James, Reg Varney, Kenneth Connor and Michael Medwin.


Critical reception[edit]

In The New York Times Bosley Crowther wrote, "even with stalwart Margaret Rutherford playing the principal role—that of a good-natured looney—in this utterly slap-happy film, and even with several cheering flashes of tomfoolery to light the way, the whole thing is just a bit too labored—too fatuous—to be continuous fun.";[2] while Graeme Clark wrote in 'The Spinning Image', "it's all very fluffy and inconsequential, but with Patrick Campbell contributing to the script and this array of talent in front of the camera, vintage Brit comedy fans are well catered for."[3]

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